Production Team - Larry Clark

Larry Clark

Larry Clark is the Media Production Specialist for Taylor Guitars in El Cajon. Prior to working for Taylor, he held the position of District Media Technician at the Grossmont Union High School District, from 1978 until 2000. Larry specializes in video editing, and has, during his tenure at Taylor Guitars, videotaped many artists performing on the guitar, as well as guitar workshops, special events, new product demonstrations and interviews with Taylor company personnel.

Larry’s first project at Taylor was shooting and editing a 60-minute documentary on the Liberty Tree Guitar, which was built from the wood of the last of several ancient trees that colonial patriots held secret meetings under in the days leading up to the Revolutionary War. The program earned several awards, and was nominated for a local Emmy.

Many of Larry’s video segments are streamed on He plays guitar and bass, and once recorded an original song that was one of twelve chosen from over 200 entries to be on the “Homegrown II” album, sponsored by a local AM radio station for charity.  Larry enjoys acoustic guitar music, and is looking forward to being one of the video camera operators for the Primal Twang project.


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