Production Team - David Thies

David Thies

David Thies is the owner of Tvacom Film and TV, a full-on production company. David is an accomplished producer, director of photography and editor. Dave has worked with numerous bands. He directed one of the first country music videos shot in HD that aired on CMT and GAC. It was shot on the Panasonic Varicam in 2001 and was for for the song "In America" by The Charlie Daniels Band. He then went to Japan with Ozzy Osbourne and shot, wrote and edited the 30-minute behind the scenes "Osbournes in Japan", which appears on the Live at Budokan DVD. David has worked with many other artists, including Willie Nelson on multiple occasions. For the past 2 years David has been working in the reality TV world. He was a shooter on TBS's "The Mansion", VH1's "Home James" and most recently was the Director of Photography on Jamie Kennedy's MTV show "Blowin Up". In November of 2006 (November 10th at 9pm) David's first show that he has sold will air on Animal Planet called "Mayor Dog". It is a one hour about a small town in Kentucky that elected a dog mayor poking fun at Kentucky politics.


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